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Diocesan Lenten Appeal

   In 2020, we are earmarking DLA refunds to the parish to cover the cost of (1) new LED lighting in the Church, (2) installation of new Church doors as part of our safety and security plan, and (3) renovation of the Food Pantry Room and replacement of freezers in the social hall.

As an incentive for giving this year, our diocesan target of $177,145 will remain the same as last year.  All contributions in excess of this amount will be returned to Mother of Sorrows for the goals stated above.  I am asking you to help us and the Diocese of Greensburg by supporting the Diocesan Lenten Appeal with your gift this year.

There are nearly 50 lights inside of the Church. Each light has 7 bulbs! Maintenance of these lights is a large undertaking. New LED lighting will improve our lighting inside of the church and reduce maintenance as well as decrease our energy consumption and costs. 

As Part of our Safety and Security Plan we are planning to replace the almost 20 year old doors of our building. The plan is to be able to electronically control the doors for additional security and safety of our parish. 

Our food pantry serving those in need is in need itself. Over the past several years of serving many families in need each month the space has become worn and is in need of renovations. Also the freezer equipment we use in the social hall needs to be replaced so that we can continue to serve those in need.