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Summer Events

Regional Vacation Bible School!!
June 14-18

Discovery on Adventure Island invites children to arise and shine because the light of God’s love has come and is shining on them. Children are empowered by exploring ways God shines great light in the world and by learning how they can also shine God’s light by reflecting what they’ve learned. Through stories in the Old and New Testaments, this program will show students how connection with God brings the invitation to shine God’s light in a world that needs it now more than ever.

From a whimsical lighthouse on the tropical, enchanted Adventure Island, children (Explorers) begin their quest in search of five mysterious infinity lanterns that help light their way on the island. These lanterns are the light of Love, the light of Trust, the light of Faith, the light of Joy, and the light of Hope.

In each session, children (Explorers) with the guidance of the lighthouse keeper and Adventure Island expert (Beacon the Puffin), will discover map coordinates and clues from their Reference Book (the Bible) that help them find each lantern. They will also learn the ways God’s great light shines in the lives of familiar Bible characters and explore how the same light can be shining in their lives!

Camp Virtue 2021
July 5-9

Camp Virtue is a day camp that allows middle school youth to enter more fully into the life of the Catholic Faith with an understanding of living out the Virtues in their homes, schools, community and world. Camp Virtue will help participants understand that they can enjoy each day to the fullest while being filled with Faith and a love for God.

Camp Virtue will include dynamic talks on the virtues, praise and

worship, small group sharing, games and much more until lunch time. After lunch we will depart via school bus for a HIGH

ADVENTURE activity for the afternoon.


Camp Virtue Counselor and Junior Counselor Applications